Man shot dead in front of police in Karachi’s Bahadurabad

A man was shot dead on Sunday in front of police by a person allegedly due to a family dispute.
According to SP Tahir Noorani, the killer, Sohail, was transported in a police van from Darakhshan police station to the residence of Munawwar in Bahadurabad on court orders to recover the former’s wife and three children.
Sohail had filed an abduction case against Munawwar, which was quashed by the court. The court, however, ordered the police to recover his family.
Sohail’s wife had reportedly moved due to a fight with him.
Sohail managed to bring a concealed weapon with him in the police van. “This was police negligence,” SP Noorani said, adding that three policemen have been taken into custody.
Police said further investigation in the case is underway.