Modi government s’ hand in sponsoring Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi: SFJ

A US-based Sikh organisation ‘Sikh for Justice’ (SFJ) has strongly condemned the Modi-led Indian government for its hand in sponsoring Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi a month ago.
The group wrote a letter to Chinese ambassador in Pakistan and condemned the attack that also claimed life of a police official.
The Sikh group also announced to give Rs 1 million to the heirs of the official.
The cheque would be presented to the Pakistan ambassador who will subsequently forward it to the people concerned.
The letter, written by the SFJ, said the Indian government was involved in terrorism activities and it was not relenting.
India is constantly trying to sabotage peace in the region for over three decades, it added.
The SFJ said India was behind terrorism incidents in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Karachi’s top cop on Jan 11 declared that investigation into the Chinese Consulate attack in the city revealed that the attack was sponsored by India.
The Karachi police chief said that the planning was done in Afghanistan under the then Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) leader Aslam alias Acchu along with four other men, all of whom were his relatives.
“The attack was India-sponsored,” he said, adding that the terrorist attack was aimed at damaging the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the friendly relations between the two countries.