Supreme Court summons false witness for perjury proceedings

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday summoned a Sahiwal resident over false testimony in a murder case and acquitted the accused after seven years.
A bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, has summoned Sahiwal resident Muhammad Arshad on February 22, over telling false account to the court in a case.
The court remarked that Arshad gave false account of the event before the trial court and questioned why the court should not initiate perjury proceedings against the false witness?
The bench also directed the CPO Faisalabad to ensure appearance of Muhammad Arshad before the court.
“It was a midnight incident at 3:00 am and no one saw the light, Chief Justice Khosa remarked.”
“The trial court dared to award the accused death sentence. While the high court later handed the accused life term”, the CJP observed.
“All witnesses said in their statements, they didn’t see the incident of gunfire, why the lower court failed to see this,” the top judge asked.
“According to the statements under section 161 there was no wound on the body. The national volunteer who became a witness is a witness of the police”, the chief justice remarked.
“As he voluntarily became a witness, he should also go to jail voluntarily,” the CJP further said.
“He had a scratch on his elbow and it was dubbed a fire arm injury,” the justice said.
The Chief Justice said, ” We are initiating the action against false witnesses with this volunteer.”
The court acquitted the accused Zorawar giving him benefit of doubt.