Director Barry Jenkins: I’m a black storyteller telling a black story

The film If Beale Street Could Talk is a rarely in Hollywood – a black love story, played out by a largely African-American cast.
Barry Jenkins’ movie If Beale Street Could Talk has three Oscar nods at this year’s Academy Awards.
While it’s not a patch on the eight nominations his acclaimed film Moonlight received in 2017, the 39-year-old director isn’t fazed.”There’s only five slots, and for me to see it as a snub would mean that I see my work as being more worthy than someone else’s and I never think of it that way.
“I wish we could have 30 slots and just celebrate everyone… I just feel very fortunate to be in the conversation at all.
“Even having won best picture with Moonlight, I try not to let that affect my relationship with my own work.”And the American filmmaker is clearly not just spinning a pre-planned line, he values his craft more than the glitz and glamour such accolades can bring.
But he admits that winning an Academy Award has increased the number of eyes on his follow-up film. He said: “It piles on the attention, that’s for sure.”