Jeff Bezos just confirmed what we all knew

No one has ever sent me unsolicited nudes. My iCloud account hasn’t been hacked and, thank mercy, I’ve never had a vengeful ex share photos of me as revenge porn.
But that doesn’t stop me living in constant fear that someone will bust into my house, run into my bedroom and scream “nudie rudie!” just as I’m trying to zoink out of a sports bra, post-’80s aerobics class, wearing nothing else but one tired running shoe and some daggy old leggings.
Apparently, my fears are unfounded.
Not because I live in a house with barred windows and double locks that could keep out hordes of zombies, not to mention fictionalized fear amalgams hell-bent on taking photos that no one would ever want to download.
No, because one of the richest men in the world just confirmed what we all sort of already suspected: Nudes are officially NBD.