Big Narstie says he could have ended up in prison if he hadn’t found God

The grime artist has said he “struggled to afford bread” as a teenager and could have ended up as “just another statistic”.
Rapper Big Narstie has said he could have ended up in jail if he hadn’t found God.
The 33-year-old, from Brixton, South London, said he did not think he would become a famous rapper and could have been “another statistic”.
Discussing how he found his faith, he told Radio Times magazine: “I would say it was God blessing my life, and giving me the opportunity to do everything I’m doing.Narstie, who is now an established grime star, said there was a time when he struggled to afford bread and thought about giving up music many occasions.
He said: “When it just wasn’t working, my mum pushed me and drove me,.
“There were times when I couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread.”
The star is also known for The Big Narstie Show, which he said was a little different to what he was used to when he got started.
He added: “My first problem about doing The Big Narstie Show was just adjusting to TV rules.
“At first, it started to piss me off, but after I got the adjustments and the rules, I started to enjoy it.
“I’m fortunate, though. Channel 4 know I’m messed up. But they’ve got a soft spot for me.”