From Peep Show to Hollywood royalty

The British star of The Favourite is the toast of Hollywood thanks to her stand-out role as Queen Anne – and not before time.
Robert Webb and David Mitchell knew it. As Webb affectionately put it on Twitter following her Golden Globe win: “Colman. She’s so bloody *nice*… She’s a consummate professional with seemingly unlimited talent. WHAT a shocking a*******.”
Meryl Streep, after working with Olivia Colman on the Iron Lady in 2011, quickly cottoned on.
In her acceptance speech for her BAFTA the following year, the Hollywood heavyweight made sure to thank her “divinely gifted” British co-star.
All those fans who have loved her from the start – cheering from sofas across the UK as Sophie from Peep Show, who we last saw drunk and buried in a children’s ball pit, now scoops up some of the film industry’s biggest awards –
those fans, they all knew it, too.Now, thanks to her gloriously comic portrayal of the dowdy, cantankerous Queen Anne in dark period drama The Favourite, her co-star Rachel Weisz is describing her as a “goddess” and it seems the whole world is waking up to the brilliance of Olivia Colman.