Sam and Mark to host revival of children’s TV classic

The madcap show ran for nearly 30 years with its famous catchphrase “it’s Friday, it’s five to five and it’s Crackerjack”.
Crackerjack, the classic children’s TV show which had millions of young fans in its heyday, is being revived after 35 years.
The chaotic, fun-filled show, filmed in front of a live studio audience of children, featured quiz games, comedy sketches, memorable catchphrases, a music spot and a talent contest.Its catchphrase “it’s Friday, it’s five to five and it’s Crackerjack” helped it become a staple of kids’ TV for nearly 30 years after it launched in 1955.
Its roster of hosts included some of the biggest names in television during the period, including Eamonn Andrews, Leslie Crowther, Michael Aspel and Ed Stewart.
Among the many comedy acts to appear before it was cancelled in 1984 were Little and Large, The Krankies, Basil Brush and Bernie Clifton.In re-launching the show, the BBC has said it will be updated for “today’s connected generation, giving them an all-round, interactive experience while retaining the beating heart of what etched Crackerjack into the affections of British children for three decades”.