Govt decides action against social media campaigners targeting anti-polio drive

Government has decided to initiate action against unidentified campaigners sharing content against anti-polio drive on the social media.
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a circular to its officials seeking to remove content against anti-polio drive from Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media platforms.
Chairman PTA called for immediate steps to stop spread of material causing difficulties in the anti-polio drive.
The PTA letter said polio teams had been facing rejections from parents who were possibly misguided by wrong material against the drive primarily on Facebook and YouTube.
The letter said at least 100,000 children were missed out from being administered anti-polio drops, due to propaganda against the campaign.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated his government’s commitment to eradicating polio-virus from the country.
In a message on the occasion of World Polio Day last year, the prime minister said: “Our government is fully committed to ending polio in Pakistan.”
“On #WorldPolioDay, I am confident, together with our people, we will achieve a safer, healthier and polio-free Pakistan for our children.”
The police on Jan 23 arrested a man over refusal to administer anti-polio drops to his children in Hyderabad.
A man identified as Sameer Qureshi refused to administer his children anti-polio drops and misbehaved with the team, when the door of his house was knocked.