Foreign Office releases list of Pakistanis missing in New Zealand

The Foreign Office on Saturday released a list of Pakistanis that are missing since yesterday’s terror attack on two mosques in the quiet New Zealand city of Christchurch.
The attack on the Al Noor and Linwood mosques, that left at least 49 people dead, has been labelled terrorism by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and is thought to be the deadliest attack directed against Muslims in the West in modern times.
The dead were said to include women and children. Around 48 people were treated for gunshot wounds at Christchurch Hospital, including young children, with injuries ranging from critical to minor.
In a tweet, FO Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal revealed that nine Pakistanis are still missing after the shooting took place.

List of Missing Pakistanis in NZ terrorism attack:1) Mr Zeeshan Raza2) Father of Mr Zeeshan Raza3) Mother of Mr Zeeshan Raza4) Mr Haroon mahmood, s/o, Mr shahid mehmood, mother’s name Ms sabiha mahmood, resident of rawalpindi born 29/7/1978, age 40yrs1/2
— Dr Mohammad Faisal (@DrMFaisal) March 16, 2019

5) Mr Sohail Shahid, s/o Mr muhammad shabbir, born 6/01/1983, age 40 yrs6) Syed Areeb Ahmed, s/o Ayaz Ahmed, m/n Tanzeem Fatima, r/o Karachi, born 12-10-1992, age 26 yrs7) Syed Jahanand Ali, born 24/01/1985, age 34 years
— Dr Mohammad Faisal (@DrMFaisal) March 16, 2019

8) Mr Talha Naeem, m/n, Shandana, r/o Abbottabad, born 16/7/1997, age 22yrs – missing9) Mr Naeem Rashid, s/o Abdul Rashid, r/o Abbottabad, Our Mission in New Zealand is trying to ascertain further details
— Dr Mohammad Faisal (@DrMFaisal) March 16, 2019