Australian Millionaire Hiring An Assistant For ‘Coolest Job In The World’

If you’re ambitious, and sick of being skint after the first weekend of the month, you’re in luck. A 26-year-old Australian millionaire is looking to hire a personal assistant, and it might just be the job of a lifetime.
Here’s the deal, Matthew Lepre is looking for a PA to come on board and help him manage his e-commerce and business coaching enterprises. That might not seem like the most exciting opportunity that you’ve ever heard of, but the travel might just swing it.
You see, Lepre has spent the past few years between Japan, Hawaii, Dubai, and Sydney, racking up the dollars all the time.
Now, you could be a part of his globetrotting business machine and get paid AUS $52,000 (£28,000) per year for the privilege.
If you’re the successful candidate, you’ll be taking on ‘the coolest job in the world’. His words, not ours.
He told the Daily Mail: “Salary will be based on the person’s experience but the base rate is in addition to travel and accommodation expenses. Health insurance benefits are paid for by me separately.”
Right, let’s have a look at what kind of person you need to be to land this post.
Obviously, you’ll need all of the basic stuff like punctuality, a good attitude to hard work, and decent enough computer skills.
You’ll also need a strong social media game, but who doesn’t these days?
Oh, and you’d better know some stuff about organising travel. Surely you didn’t think all of this jet-setting happens by accident, did you?
Matt’s business turns over around AUS $120,000 every month, and – according to the man himself – business is booming.
His main business is in e-commerce (buying stuff online to you and me) but he also helps people build their own wealth as well. If you’re selected to join the team you’ll have a lot of responsibility to help run the businesses, as well as help to promote new things he’s doing.
It goes without saying that you’ll need a valid passport. You will be travelling to a different country every month, according to Matt.
It won’t be all work – he reckons you’ll see a whole heap of culture too. Work hard, play hard, if you will.
Matt continued: “Travelling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the opportunity to do the same alongside me.
“They should be computer savvy, have proven social media qualities, organised, willing to learn and ambitious.
“I’m looking for someone to join in all of my adventures. I love what I do, and I love exploring new places.
“But life is definitely getting busy and I’m looking for a reliable person to assist me with my day to day business activities, while we are on the go.”
He added: “They would have to be someone who works hard but is also fun and spontaneous.
Want this job? Subscribe to Matt’s YouTube channel and find out what he’s doing.
He explained: “Applicants need to have a good understanding on what I do which they can see through my YouTube channel.
“From this week, I will be doing weekly Vlogs taking my viewers behind the scenes of my life so they can see if the job is right for them.”