Youth to cut down their use of mobile phones and sleep early: Sheikh Rashid

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Tuesday addressing an event at the Women’s College in Rawalpindi claimed that the standard of education for women in the city was the highest.
The minister advised the country’s youth to cut down their use of mobile phones and sleep early.
Sheikh Rashid also offered his analysis on the interest level of boys compared to girls in education.
The minister termed boys incompetent, stating that boys would get admission on 450 marks and girls on 750.
Offering his advice to sleep early and cut down the use of mobile phones, Rashid said if it was up to him he would shut down smartphones.
Rashid said he had built educational institutions on plots allotted to him, adding that the contract had been given for a women’s college on Sir Syed Road.
According to the minister, he was building a nursing college and hospital in Rawalpindi. Rashid also offered to make Lal Haveli part of the campus if the college was converted into a university.