Process of recruitment on 20,000 vacant posts starts: Jam Kamal

Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan on Sunday said the process of recruitment on 20,000 vacant posts had been started.
Talking to different delegations in District Kalat, he said that all developmental projects in the province will be completed timely.
Jam Kamal said that all facilities would be provided to middle and high schools in all districts of the province.
On April 6, the chief minister Balochistan had said the rulers of Balochistan were responsible for its downtroddenness and poverty.
“Never ever anybody came from Sindh, Punjab or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa here to become a chief minister,” Jam Kamal had said in a statement.
He had said only two persons were crying foul over the Public Sector Development Programme.
Common citizen did not know what trick had been played in the name of the PSDP, he added.
The chief minister had said the incumbent provincial government transferred fruits of development to areas through better use of resources.
“If resources are misused, it will increase poverty and backwardness.”
He had said prosperity would come, if 2.5 billion rupees were spent on development of Balochistan.