Using Samsung’s new foldable phone is a wild ride so far

After weeks of tortur teasing us, Samsung has finally put an foldable Galaxy Fold in my hands.
It’s been a wild few hours so far. There was the initial rush of opening the lit-up, mirrored box that Samsung had concealed the Fold in for an early morning briefing, then the thrill of picking it up — fully open — for the very first time, and some rough moments as I fumbled my way through a new navigation system when using three active windows at once. But let’s start at the beginning, at what it’s like to use the almost $2,000 Galaxy Fold for the very first time.
The first thing I noticed what the weight as I lifted the Fold off of its stand.
The heft of it, and the smooth, glossy glass backing. And then, I bent it in half.
That’s the moment I’d been waiting for. I wanted to understand the Fold on a physical level, to feel how much weight you need to throw into it to close the device and open it again.
To gauge the smoothness of that big hinge as the “wings” open and close.
It isn’t hard, but you do need to be deliberate, and I like the little bit of power the Fold demands from you.
It may have a large notch, and a plastic interior screen and bezel, but on the whole, the Fold feels like premium, cohesive device.