KP Govt releases Rs 18.4 bln for reconstruction houses in tribal districts

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has released 18.4 billion rupees for rehabilitation and reconstruction of more than fifty seven thousand damaged houses in the newly merged five tribal districts.
According to a compensation chart placed by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Media Iftikhar Durrani on his twitter account, around 15.389 billion rupees have been paid for 38,473 fully damaged and over three billion rupees for 19,097 partially damaged houses in these districts.

قبائلی علاقہ جات کی عوام کے لیے خیبر پختونخوا حکومت کی جانب سے ایک اور اقدام : پانچ اضلاع کے لیے 18.4 بلین روپے گھروں کی بحالی اور تعمیراتی معاوضوں کی مد میں ادا کردئیے گئے،اس رقم سے بہت سارے خاندانوں کو فائدہ ہوگا
— Iftikhar Durrani (@DuraniIftikhar) May 12, 2019
The Special Assistant has termed the payment another step of the provincial government for well-being of the tribal people.