NAB will never take dictation from any individual or institution: Chairman NAB

Chairman National Accountability Bureau Javed Iqbal says politicizing NAB for taking action against corruption is not in national interest.
Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday, he said the anti-graft body will take all steps required in national interest without taking any external pressure.
Chairman NAB said baseless propaganda is being made that business community is being harassed by the Bureau.
He said NAB never intervened into telegraphic transfers of any businessmen. However, NAB has the right to ask any person the source of income that holds public office.
He said NAB will take the cases of money laundering to their logical conclusion.
Javed Iqbal said NAB is a people friendly national institution and our job is to protect the business community.
He said he has directed all NAB regions to take immediate action on complaints received from business community.
However, he said no complaint has so far been received in this regard.
The Chairman said NAB strongly believes in respect of people and never disgraced any individual. He said NAB will never take dictation from any individual or institution.
Javed Iqbal further said that government’s keep changing, country is forever. “Whatever is in the interest of the country will be done. NAB is connected to the state not the government. Those days are long gone when there was no interrogation. There is no question of taking dictation from the government,” he added.
“A correct inquiry is not done against public representatives,” Justice Iqbal said, adding “Those who are apprehended, the investigation against them is sabotaged by calling meetings and committees. Democracy is never under danger because of accountability. Democracy comes under damage because of actions.”
Speaking about the grey list, the chairman said, money laundering is one of the reasons why Pakistan is on the FATF’s grey list. “When Pakistan’s issue is on the international level, NAB will not care about these few people. The blame game is one thing, but the interest of the country is another thing.”

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