Govt led by incompetent people not less than tragedy: Maryam Nawaz

The vice president of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz jibe at PTI-led government continue and she said that he said that he did not accept incompetent person, Imran Khan, as prime minister of Pakistan.
“The government led by incompetent people not less than tragedy as there is no good news for the people for 10 months,” PML-N’s vice president said while addressing to workers in Bahawalpur.
Commenting over the incident of rape and murder of an innocent Farishta, Maryam said that she was not only the daughter of a tribe but the entire Pakistan and party will fight for her.
“The continued price hike is causing domestic enmities as income becomes slide down while expenses multiplied,” she said adding that the present prime minister entered in the ruling corridor from the rare door.
He reminded that incompetent prime minister had vowed would not bow down before anyone but he not only begged but also handed over the keys of the national exchequer to IMF.
“Each and everything gets hike but Only two things are cheaper- the value of rupees and country’s sovereignty,” she said.

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