Fruits of development to reach every person of the Punjab: Firdous Awan

Prime Minister Special Assistant on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said Punjab government’s growth strategy 2023 launched yesterday is an important step towards achieving the mission and vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
According to details, in a tweet on Saturday, she said under this program special focus will be given to education and health, alleviation of poverty, development of backward areas & agriculture, eradication of unemployment and provision of clean drinking water to the people in the province. She said that fruits of development will reach every person of the province through this growth strategy.

گروتھ اسٹریٹجی 2023 وزیراعظم کے مشن اور وژن کی تکمیل کی جانب اہم اقدام ہے۔صوبے میں غربت کی سطح کم کرنے، پسماندہ علاقوں، زراعت کی ترقی، بے روزگاری کا خاتمہ،پینے کے صاف پانی کی فراہمی سمیت تعلیم اور صحت کے شعبوں کو خصوصی توجہ دی جائے گی۔
— Firdous Ashiq Awan (@Dr_FirdousPTI) May 25, 2019
She said the struggle of the Prime Minister made it possible to end decade’s old system of exploitation in Punjab province.