Tender resignation from Premiership and go home, Zardari Advises Imran

Former president Asif Ali Zardari has “advised” incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan to tender resignation from Premiership of country.
Talking to journalists after appearing before an Accountability Court in Islamabad, Asif Zardari was once again witnessed criticizing Imran Khan and PTI-led federal government.
“Imran Khan speaks without pondering. At first, he said he would shoot himself before joining politics then he vowed that he will commit suicide but not approach IMF”, PPP co-chairman taunted.
“If he does not wish to penetrate far back then he must at least begin probe from Musharraf’s time”, Asif Zardari said while expressing his views on Premier’s vow of forming a commission to investigation corruption done in tenure of previous governments.