Hyderabad Train accident: Railway track restored after 15 hours

Investigators in their initial probe into yesterday’s Jinnah Express train accident suspected that it occurred because of negligence on the part of the driver and assistant driver of a passenger train that rammed into a coal-laded goods train near Hyderabad.
According to a report, the accident occurred at 5:30pm when Jinnah Express passenger train rammed into Sahiwal Coal Special train. Railway track restored after 15 hours 
Consequently, a train driver and two assistant drivers were killed while a guard got injured.
Besides, it said, the passenger train’s engine was completely damaged while the power van and a bogie of the goods train also suffered damage.
The report said there were no reports of any passenger receiving injuries as a result of the collision.
The passenger train going from Karachi to Lahore collided with the freight train which was stationary near Hyderabad railway station.
Shortly after the accident, Pakistan Railways had regretted over the loss of lives in it.
Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had said all the passengers of Jinnah Express were safe.
Giving details about the incident, Sheikh Rasheed said that Jinnah Express, which had departed from Karachi for Lahore rammed into a stationary freight train near Hyderabad.
The minister said a driver and two assistant drivers were killed in the accident. He said that the officials had cleared the railway track and added that the Jinnah Express was on its way to Lahore.
Sheikh Rasheed said he had directed PR’s chief executive officer to launch investigations into the accident and submit the reported within 24 hours.