Going to announce the future course of action on July 21: Mustafa Kamal

Pak Sarzameen Party is going to organize a public meeting on Sunday at the same location where its arch-rival had held a ‘show of strength’ around three months ago.
PSP is in competition with the MQM-P, it remains to be seen whether the Mustafa Kamal-led party can fill the venue to its capacity since his former party was not able to work its magic on people without its London-based founder Altaf Hussain.
The preparations by the PSP for Sunday’s show are in full swing as workers and supporters are seen installing banners, Mr Kamal’s portraits and party flags across the city.
Party says it will raise Karachi’s civic issues at rally.
A stage has been made and the venue is being decorated with party flags and banners. Workers have been taking out small rallies from different city areas to reach the venue on a daily basis in a bid to build momentum for Sunday’s show.
A PSP press release stated that the theme of the public meeting was ‘Now or never’.
Talking to the media at Bagh-i-Jinnah on Friday evening, Mr Kamal said that the PSP had become stronger after losing the 2018 general elections.“We cannot wait for five years for the next elections. Those sitting in the assemblies have been sold out,” he said,  “I am going to announce the future course of action on July 21.”
Maintaining that people belonging to all ethnic backgrounds were united under the banner of the PSP, he appealed to them to “sacrifice four hours of their time” to join the PSP public meeting. “People of Karachi should have to decide whether they want to die or to fight for their rights.”